Just so you know

  Just so you know, the other day I had another haters run in, ain’t I just the fucking luckiest thing alive? 

So, they were saying shit about Big Bang, but this time, I decided to use ‘the haters advice’ a.k.a ‘get off my high horse’ and ‘who do I thing I am slapping people around’ so I just played nice. 

I was watching the Monster mv, when they came and started saying ‘Omg, who are these freaks? Lol, look at that guys hair, and whats that coming out from his nose, God, they are so ugly’ and I just stayed there saying in a calm tone ‘They aren’t freaks, his hair is cool, that is an accessory, they aren’t ugly, if you don’t like them don’t look at them’ they laughed and sayed ‘Lol, you are so pathetic, can’t even different the people you like, you’re so lame’ 

So there is the reason. This is why ‘I go slapping people around’ happy? If I don’t do what I do, none of this will stop, and I don’t like it when people say bad things about stuff I like, okay?

My First time watching the Power MV
  • Bang Yongguk: Everybody say, HATE YOU!
  • Me: HATE YOU!
  • B.A.P: Boom Boom Follow Me
  • Me: I'm Following you!
  • B.A.P: We Got The Power!
  • Me: Yes, You Got The Power!